Easy Document Management

Eyeball is a cost effective solution that delivers a fast return on investment.

Powerful & fast

ClickZero technology, used in the scanning, keywording and easy searching of your files, speeds up your processes so that you can access your documents simply and quickly.

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ClickZero scanning & searching

Minimise or even abolish common actions to speed up the process of digitising paper files and electronic documents. Continually being developed, Clickzero will save you time and resources.

Smart keyword input

Previously entered information is available. Simply click on existing data and it will be entered for you. Alternatively, start typing and the data will be predicted by the system to help improve accuracy.

Secure access to documents

Full security model that prevents unauthorised users from accessing sensitive documents. Eyeball can be configured to use multiple servers even when they are not in the same location, such as when a company has multiple satellite offices.

Speedy retrieval of documents

Ultra fast response to search requests with typically 100 results returned in under 5 seconds. One click to open your document.

Who is Document Management for?

Those companies who wish to collaborate and share information, cut costs and gain a competitive edge, and improve the effectiveness of their organisational structures. In fact, everyone.

Those companies who can identify an immediate need to free up staff resources, to answer customer queries quickly, to create extra floor space or to mitigate potential disasters such as fire and flood. In fact, everyone.