Preparation, scanning, field input, viewing, ocr processing, indexing and retrieval traditionally all take a substantial amount of time and effort and worst of all, many mouse clicks. Eyeball has been designed from an end user's point of view, in that all processes have been examined with a fine toothcomb and reduced to the very minimum whilst still achieving the required end result.

ClickZero technology is the result of all this work. It has been developed to allow us to minimise or even require no clicks at all to process documents. This has the effect of massively speeding up processes, simplifying training and installation and lowering even further the return on investment period.

It is not possible to totally abolish all mouse clicks or the need to type information, but it is possible and desirable to minimise them. Using Eyeball with ClickZero means staff are happier and therefore work better. A change in their working practices to digital imaging no longer requires a degree in computing.