Eyeball is an easy to use but comprehensive document management solution which solves the problem of archiving, collating and sharing documents in any format. Even emails and their attachments can be archived ensuring that all documents for one client, for example, are all in one place and easily retrieved. Eyeball has been designed from the point of view of the end user so that the minimum of actions are required in order to get the best out of it. Eyeball will accept both scanned paper documents and electronic files. The adding and retrieval of documents is exceptionally easy, fast and accurate through the use of key field information and content searching.

In less than one minute you can scan, add fields, OCR, index, search and retrieve a document.


  • Server based or hosted solution
  • Easy interface suits all users
  • Loads at boot up and runs in the background
  • Very small footprint and memory usage
  • Hot folder functionality automates most actions
  • Choice of Windows, Linux or hosted server platforms
  • Minimum of training required
  • Easy installation and set up


  • Scan paper documents using ClickZero technology
  • No click scanning from most Twain compliant scanners
  • Easily configure multiple scanner settings
  • View scanned document to check quality
  • Rotate, append, delete pages and zoom in or out
  • Works happily with most digital photocopiers

Key Field Entry

  • Semi automatic entry of key field data
  • Intelligent, predictive text speeds up data entry
  • Select from previous entries
  • Integrates with existing database
  • Differing field types such as date fields or drop down lists


  • Send a short message to a colleague
  • Attach a document(s) for review
  • Control the flow and delivery of documents
  • Archive and retrieve old Notifications


  • Use to differentiate between departments
  • No limit to the number of profiles
  • Create unique fieldsets for each profile
  • Enable complete security of access
  • Instant switching between profiles

Database Connectivity

  • Connect to an existing database or CSV
  • Ensure accuracy of field data
  • Map any field information
  • Choose from suggested alternatives


Field Entry and Viewer

Search Box

Results Screen


Scanner Settings

Template Designer


  • Handles all types of scanned and electronic documents
  • In built security for confidential documents
  • Separate profiles for multiple departments
  • OCR function for content searching

Searching and Retrieval

  • Simple searching via tray icon with results returned instantly
  • Search on individual or multiple fields or combine with date
  • Clear and concise results list
  • Documents are viewed in their original format
  • Email documents directly from the results screen
  • Edit metadata or delete documents
  • Filter/sort/search directly from the results list
  • Optional content searching
  • Wildcard and fuzzy searching
  • Optional checkin/checkout and revisions function


  • Create templates to automatically detect specific scanned images
  • Automatically add field information
  • Link to a user, a profile and a scanning device
  • Create multiple templates