Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR enables the searching of text within the content of the document. This is in addition to the standard method of searching through field information (metadata). OCR can be enabled at the time of scanning as each document is submitted, or, at a later stage by selecting a single document from the results screen. It is intended to be used on one document at a time. This module is now included in the basic solution.


Notifications are a method of informing a user when a particular document is available within Eyeball. An example would be when the morning post is scanned. The scanner operator simply ticks a box to create a new notification, writes a short message and chooses another user on the system. That user then receives a pop up message together with a link to the document. Notifications can be archived for reference at a later date.

Document Templates

Templates are a very powerful method of speeding up the input of both scanned images and field information. Fields can be pre-formatted and pre-populated as date fields, drop down lists, specific values or database fields. A scanned image can be used for forms or patch page recognition. Lot's of other clever stuff as well. This module is now included in the basic solution.

Database Connector

Connects to your existing back end database. Automates multiple key field entry and ensures accuracy. Multiple databases can be used in conjunction with the Document Templates module.


Workflow is similar to notifications but extends the process to include a pool of work that has to be completed by a team of people, or, a reliably repeatable sequence of connected steps. The intention is for this to be a simple construction as standard but with the ability to be extended by specific commands within the code. Workflow requires close interaction with the client to determine the actual process required.


Checkin/Checkout enables a user to have control over a document. No-one else has access to it until it is checked back in again. If the document is edited, a revision is created within Eyeball thereby producing an audit history.